When was your last eye test? Why not visit Bckspace for all your eyewear needs

Helen Turner ‘s eye’s test

I have to confess it had been a long time since I had been for an eye test. My last one was in 2009 when I was having some dryness of the eyes when at work. So eleven years later it’s well over due. I headed a few doors down the street from where I work on Herenstraat, Amsterdam to meet with the owner of Bckspace, and get my eyes professionally tested.

The outcome of the eye exam wasn’t too bad and I only have a slight problem with my distance vision. My right eye is slightly worse than my left. We got on to talking about the usage of computers, laptops, smart phones and the effect on not only eyesight but other health issues. One being the effect of the ‘Blue Light’ emitted from such electronic equipment and the disturbance of the melatonin levels in the body, especially at night time. Using phones and laptops in the evening can cause people to have problems with getting off to sleep at night and therefor feeling tired and lethargic the next day. A good quality nights sleep is so important in many ways.

I have started to spend more time on my laptop and phone in the last year or so due to work and want to make sure it is not doing anything to damage my health. I found out that it is now possible to get a blue light filter on your glasses to help protect your eyes from the harmful blue light rays.

Digital Overload

Apparently, a third of all adults spend between 4-6 hours using digital devices and 14% spend between 10-12 hours! Over exposure to this blue light can lead to: irritated eyes, eye fatigue and sleeplessness. HOYA BlueControl lenses neutralise blue light, helping to prevent eye strain and fatigue. The lenses also enhance contrast and make your eyes feel more comfortable and relaxed and give a more natural colour perception. bckspace also uses HOYA video centring which allows him to achieve a measurement precision to the tenth of a millimetre.  So all glasses are made to measure and also come engraved with your desired name or initials.

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