Every face is unique and your glasses are very personal. We strongly believe that any pair of spectacles can be improved in shape and performance for the wearer’s face. That is why we started designing our own frames: shape, colour, material and detail. Very important: we have added what has always been missing: a little thicker end to the arms, right behind your ears. Thanks to this subtle adjustment your eyewear adds more comfort and it fits the shape of your head this last little bit better than the usual bending does. Try them and they become part of you. They’re there and won’t slide down your sweaty nose on a hot summer day. Your friends won’t see you pushing your specs up every ten minutes anymore.Apart from that: each frame is built up in layers of bio-acetate in beautiful natural colours. The frame is wonderfully polished and has a silky feel.

Wilfried and his team personally choose the raw material. In our German factory production is thoroughly monitored and each piece is checked to avoid flaws and imperfections. All details delicately finished and fitted with the fantastic lenses by top manufacturer Hoya Vision Care you’ll never want to take these glasses of anymore.

We promise you the best fit: steady and comfortable in tropical heat, icy cold and during exercise. You’re not wearing these glasses, you’ll only miss them once you take them off..